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Builder Services Division

Members of Tidewater Builders Association understand the role that government and regulations play in their daily lives. Whether it’s dictating the number of units builders can construct on a piece of property or the type of materials they can use, some level of government impacts everything builders do on a minute-by-minute basis.

TBA, like most successful industry associations, has developed a Political Action Committee to ensure that laws and regulations are reasonable and do not put members out of business. The committee represents the home builders’ voice at the table when such decisions are made by elected and appointed officials.

The Municipal Affiars Committees hold meetings on a needs basis with all local development/building staffs. Member Breakfast Forums are held with speakers on various topics related to the industry.

For up-to-date information on local issues, call Tidewater Builders Association's Builder Services Division at (757) 305-9061.

TBA’s legislative objectives include:

• Promoting legislation favorable to the housing industry on the local, state and national levels.
• Enhancing the local building industry’s image before the legislators, prospective home buyers and the community at-large

At a glance, here’s what TBA does for you each day on the legislative front:

• Continuously monitors city council and planning commission agendas in all area cities in order to respond proactively to issues concerning the building industry.
• Reviews and submits comments on each city’s land-use plan, subdivision and zoning ordinances, and capital improvement plan.
• Provides fiscal impact reports and analysis of proposed legislative actions and laws to local municipal governments.
• Actively funds the election of pro-business candidates through its Political Action Committee.
• Keeps positive lines of communication open by meeting with elected and appointed city officials.
• Works closely with the Home Builders Association of Virginia to ensure that local industry interests are heard in the General Assembly.