TBA Annual Picnic
April 19, 2002
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Larry McCreight (left) and Jim Bruno give the picnic a thumb’s up as they man the Carter Machinery Equipment beer booth.

From left, Richard Olivieri, John Napolitano and Ed Brogan catch up with each other.

Hail, hail the gang’s all here…

and over here, taking cover during the downpour.

The Mobile Pig-Nic Catering crew was smokin’ as it prepared irresistible barbecue chicken, sponsored by Lowe’s Contractor Yard, that smelled oh-so wonderful.

Verizon offers a beautiful spread of refreshing fruit boats.


John Wray of Ferguson Enterprises (right), his brother Mark Wray with Verizon and Jane Gresham with Appliance Enterprise Inc. enjoy the refreshments.

A sales force from the board was on hand to sell patriotic decals to benefit the TBA Shelter Response Foundation. From left, Pete Kotarides, Jerry Pattenaude, Scott Crumley, Richard Olivieri and Tom Leffew.

Picnic Committee member Kenny White of Benson Builders is grateful that his girlfriend remembered the umbrella.

Through rain, shine, winds and lightning, the Remodelers Council fish fry delivers.

This picnicker tries his hand at climbing the rock wall, one of the special picnic attractions, sponsored by Sadler Building Corp.

Sandra Gould and Ron Bray of Burgess & Niple aim to please at their booth, offering wine and cheese.