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Photography Guidelines

Here are some tips that may help you with your next photo:

  1. Get close to what you are photographing. (A close-up shot of the speaker is more interesting than a shot taken from the back of the room.)
  2. Think about positioning. Although it’s hard to avoid the standard grip-and-grin shots, there is usually a way to position four or more people so they don’t look like a line-up. Some thoughts would be to have the shorter folks in the front, or have a few people seated or line them up on a nearby stairway.
  3. Play paparazzi. It’s fun to take – and see! -candid shots of your members mixing and mingling.
  4. If you’re using a digital camera, set the resolution as high as it will go. Digital photos shot at 72 dpi may look great on your computer screen but they will look very blurry in print, unless they are used small.


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