April 14 – 17, 2005



Popular Feng Shui consultant inspires with “Fun!” Shui

Lifestyle consultant Ellen Whitehurst takes the mystery out of Feng Shui, the ancient knowledge for achieving health, happiness and prosperity. She calls it “Fun! Shui.”

It’s an approach that has worked well for Whitehurst and her clients, and it’s one she will share with visitors to the Hampton Roads Home & Garden Show at the Hampton Roads Convention Center April 14-17. Whitehurst will bring her wit and wisdom to the stage at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., Saturday, April 16, and Sunday, April 17.

Asked to rank her health, happiness and prosperity, Whitehurst said, “very happy with all three.” She qualified that she is not shielded from adversity, however. “Every human being has to go through challenges in order to grow from the experience. I just feel confident as I go through them that I have the tools to make them easier and more grace filled.”

Whitehurst’s name and company, Sacred Spaces L.L.C., are synonymous with a “lucky lifestyle.” Through programs, products and services, Whitehurst helps others implement and integrate Feng Shui into their lives to achieve the “Three Great Blessings of Feng Shui.”

Some of the tools used to affect good Feng Shui in the home or office are wind, water, wood and fire, as well as color and position within one’s living and work space. However, according to Whitehurst, who is an active affiliate member of the American Society of Interior Designers, Feng Shui is more than a form of interior design. “It is a proactive tool that can capture and manipulate the energy, or Chi, that is always present to support our goals,” she said.

Whitehurst puts a contemporary spin on the ancient practice that dates back 5,000 years. She stresses that not only is Feng Shui fast acting and fun, it’s also easy. For those seeking to enhance their careers or find jobs, her advice is easily accessible on one of Monster.com’s online message boards, as she is now considered virtual company’s “Feng Shui Subject Matter Expert.”

Whitehurst began practicing Feng Shui 12 years ago. Today, the Virginia Beach resident is an internationally known lifestyles consultant, and an award-winning Feng Shui author and speaker. She also is a popular guest on radio and television talk shows, in The Virginian-Pilot and HR Monthly magazine, and with such national media outlets as ABC News.

Recently, Whitehurst was signed to the prominent William Morris Agency in New York to build her brand in a more international venue. Her "ShortCuts" product line, including "The Good Fortune Coin Cure," is now being carried nationally by such stores as Nordstroms and Borders Bookstores. "Fun!" Shui gifts and products designed and distributed by Sacred Spaces also can be found in the famed New York City Trump Tower gift shop, as well as on Feng Shui-inspired coffee cups sold by a major Fortune 500 coffee company.

Whitehurst’s next venture includes a how-to book on manipulating fortune and luck “really, really easily.”

“A lot of people think that luck just happens. More than that, they think that it never happens to them. This book will teach everyday things you can do to manufacture fortune and luck into your life,” said Whitehurst.

And, that’s about as fast, fun and lucky as you can get!

  Thursday, April 14 6 – 9pm
  Friday, April 15 10am – 9pm
  Saturday, April 16 10am – 9pm
  Sunday, April 17 10am – 6pm

Adults – $8
Children under 12 – free
Senior citizens and military – $7


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