Dr. Lori used TBA First Lady Jeri Halprin's item in a game of "Dumpster or No Dumpster"

Dr. Lori informs Sean Brickell that his antique snuff box is worth $500.

Dr. Lori’s antique appraisal show was a hit at last weekend’s Mid-Atlantic Home & Flower Show. People young and old brought her items big and small to find out what they were worth. Some left happy. Some left sad.

In any case, they all got more than they bargained for as she set about to entertain the audience with the cold hard truth in a way that was sometimes literally “brutally” honest. The most valuable object at the show was a painting brought in by a Virginia Beach woman, which Dr. Lori appraised at $75,000.

Despite rain, winds, snow and ice, more than 13,000 visitors braved the weather to take in Tidewater Builders Association’s annual event, Friday through Sunday. Though ShamWow and the Vita Mixer had their place, it was the Smart Living Steam Mop that appeared to be the hot item at this year’s event.

All of the stage shows brought a good crowd, including the Sunday finale — Virginia Beach’s SPCA’s top pet contest showcasing local pets and their hard luck stories as well as the compassionate owners who are taking care of them.