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The following checklist will help you compare ‘apples to apples’ as you look for your new home. It is by no means complete; there are probably many items you will want to add to the list yourself. It should, however, cover some of the more important things to consider during your new home search.
  • Is the house conveniently located near schools, work, shopping, recreational facilities?
  • If you have children, have you visited area schools and found them satisfactory?
  • Is the neighborhood attractive, pleasing, well-maintained?
  • Are local property taxes consistent with the quality of services provided
  • Is the lot free from drainage from neighboring lots?
  • Is the home oriented so maximum benefit and protection will be provided from sun, wind, rain and snow?
  • Is the view from the lot pleasant and likely to remain unchanged.
  • Is it possible to enjoy privacy in the yard?
  • Are weatherproof electrical outlets available outside at the front and rear of the house?
  • Are there vents under the roof overhangs and close to the roof ridge or in the gable ends of the house?
  • Is the ridge of the roof straight and free from bowing?
  • Is the siding at least six inches above the ground?
  • If brick has been used, is it free from cracks?
  • Are the walls straight and free from major bulges?
  • Are the window and door frames sealed with unchipped caulking?
  • Do the windows have double-pane insulating glass?
  • Do windows provide good cross ventilation and adequate natural light?
  • Does the placement of windows and doors allow for a variety of furniture arrangements
  • Do interior doors open inward into rooms and outward away from stairs?
  • Are floors level and free from squeaking?
  • Are adequate electrical outlets located in every room?
  • Does the house have adequate storage space?
  • Does the house have copper water lines?
  • Does the floor plan provide the space you want for your activities and privacy?
  • Will the floors at both entrances be easy to keep clean?
  • Are stairways conveniently located?
  • Is the kitchen centrally located to the rest of the house?
  • Is the kitchen planned so work flows freely from the refrigerator to the sink to the range?
  • Is counter space conveniently arranged?
  • Is the laundry area conveniently located to the bedrooms?
  • Do bathrooms have adequate storage space for towels, toiletries, etc.?
  • Are the bedrooms large enough to meet your family’s needs?
  • Is the attic easily accessible, especially if you plan to use it for storage space?
  • Is the garage large enough for the number of cars your family uses?
  • Does the garage provide sufficient storage space?
  • Visit the homes you are considering at different times of the day.

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